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Each January that rolls around sees an exceptional number of workers searching for new jobs. Whether they are individuals wanting to escape insufferable managers, incompetent colleagues or unchallenging work, many of them (one third of Britons, to be exact) have determinedly placed this task at the top of their new year’s resolutions list.

Taking this into consideration, this month presents a huge opportunity for recruiters. People naturally want a fresh start at the beginning of a new year, and it is vital that recruiters utilise this and find the best possible individuals for the roles they have available – but job seekers are not making it easy. According to HR Review, 39% of them refuse to settle for any old role, and will only stop searching once they have found a job that they perceive to be right for them. With people being more particular about what it is they want in a role, recruiters need to be sure that they market jobs better than they ever have done.

The most popular method of advertising roles consists of plainly worded text on company websites or job boards. Recruiters sometimes forget that the candidate is not the only one who has to sell themselves. The company must also sell itself to the right candidate, and there is no better way to do this than creating a realistic picture of what exactly the available role entails.

One very creative and precise method of doing this is what LinkedIn’s Engineering Manager, Marvin Li, did – which was to attach a head camera to himself and film what a day in his role really involves.

In the recording, named ‘The One Video You Should Add to Your Job Postings’, (, we see Li doing various tasks, including holding one-on-one meetings with staff, sitting in group meetings where workers plan their tasks for the week, meeting new employees, doing some manual coding, checking emails and making hiring decisions.

The benefit of including something like this in your job posting is that as a recruiter, your job is made much simpler. Job seekers are able to decide for themselves whether the role is right for them, which means you don’t have to. If it is something they like the look of, they will go ahead and apply. If not, they will close your job posting and continue searching for another job – saving you precious time.

Although it involves more effort, including something like this can be well worth the time it takes. It allows you to avoid spending resources on people who are not an appropriate fit, and instead target those that the job suits best. Notably, this method can be applied across the board at all levels from junior staff to senior executives and directors.

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