CV Example

Below is a CV example.
Please note that it is just an example, and your own CV will be individually written just for you, your own circumstances and targeted/optimised to help you achieve your own personal career goals.

As such, your own CV will be worded complete differently.

The example below is one page in length, and we are increasingly receiving specific requests for one page CVs. One page CV do stand out like no other, and they can be extremely effective in the job market, which is why many executives are specifically requesting us to write them.

At the same time, if you have preference for a more standard length CV, just let your consultant know your preference and we can oblige.

CV example

By default we put CVs in this popular, tried and tested format, but if
you prefer the more traditional style (below) just let your consultant
know. It also has great vertical and horizontal words to space ratios
and is great at getting sales messages across clearly, legibly and

CV example

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