Privacy Policy and its owners value your privacy. As such, our parent company is registered for data protection, moreover, we don’t sell client contact details to third parties.

Users of this website do not need to submit any personal data unless they wish to request one of our services. If so they will need to consent to providing personal data so that we can contact them and carry out their service request. As mentioned we don’t sell or share data and we only use personal data for the lawful purpose of being able to contact you to fulfil the service.

We value customers/client feedback and because of this we do engage an authorised data processor (Feefo) to act on our behalf and collect feedback from those customers who choose to provide it. Giving feedback is voluntary and clients are in no way obliged to give feedback if they choose not to. Feefo is also registered under the Data Protection Act and they also have a commitment to privacy.

Feefo’ (and our own) commitment to privacy is as follows:

We will keep all Personal Information about you secure. We will not provide any Personal Information to any other person except as permitted under this Privacy Policy or as agreed by you in writing.

We do also use Bing and Google Analytics, but this should not intrude on privacy.

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