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Your CV could not be in better hands.

  • Paul


    Our team is led by Paul Hichens, a vastly experienced CV writer who is widely regarded as the UK’s leading CV writer/visionary. Paul is highly qualified with a master’s degree, has advised on the BBC as a CV expert, and for many years has had a long waiting list of clients – many of whom come to him from all around the world via personal recommendations.

    Paul is also author of the pioneering CV book, The One Page CV, published by top career sector publishers, Pearson Education. In the book Paul not only highlights and illustrates the flaws, pitfalls and dangers of relying on traditional CV methodology, but goes further by introducing new, improved, groundbreaking CV writing solutions based on real sales and marketing principles.

  • Paul


    Sylvia is a published writer with vast career sector writing expertise. Sylvia has a first-class honours degree and a background encompassing a variety of business sectors. Like Paul, Sylvia is also highly creative and an accomplished fictional writer. This may not sound significant to some, but the best CVs involve a high element of original/lateral thinking and creative prowess.

    It is no coincidence that the best CV writers are not one trick ponies, but those who possess a combination of technical know-how, industry expertise and natural creative talent.

  • team01


    Karl is also highly qualified with a master’s degree and a professional background in strategic management, leadership and business insight. As a former director of a multinational engineering and manufacturing company, Karl has considerable experience managing large international teams as well as screening, interviewing and recruiting staff at executive level.

    A bilingual communicator, friendly-people person and talented creative writer, Karl regularly achieves maximum employer appeal for his clients and has an excellent track record helping senior level professionals into sought after, competitive, top jobs.

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