Our guarantee for you

Our guarantee is different, and goes way beyond any guarantee you will find at any other executive CV company.

It is as follows;

1>If you change your mind about using our services before we start work then we guarantee to refund you in full.

2>In the highly unlikely event of you changing your mind part way through the process, we will give you a pro rata refund.

3>We will not send you your executive CV until we are happy with it ourselves. What this means in practice is that it is extremely rare for anyone to request any changes or amendments. At the same time, if this unusual event does apply to you, then we are happy to make changes and amendments to your CV until you are happy with it and are completely satisfied.

4>If your original CV was written by another executive CV company then we guarantee to improve upon it, and if we can’t we will give you your money back. Not only that, but rather than conveniently hide behind the vague term ‘better’ we go as far to explain what you mean. Please click here for more details.


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