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    Who do we help

    We help senior managers, directors and executives both in the UK and abroad. Significantly, we have extensive experience helping senior level clients across all sectors.

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    How much experience do you have?

    We have vast experience and an outstanding track record helping senior professionals from those just starting on the senior managerial career ladder right up to CEOs of multibillion dollar multinational companies.

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    Do you really guarantee that my CV will be better than that of any other professional cv firm?

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    Don't you think that ‘better’ is quite a vague term?

    Absolutely, and this is why we actually go on to elaborate exactly what you mean by better. Please click here for more details about our guarantee, or click for additional explanations.

    How do I put your guarantee to the test?

    Please click for more details about putting us to the test.

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    Why are you so confident?

    We have been doing this a long time, and have an outstanding track record of success helping senior level/executive clients from all around the world. During this time we have also been given many CVs to improve that were originally written by other CV companies. We have never once received a CV written by any other CV company that we could not improve; and usually on numerous fronts.

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    So how are you different to other companies?

    Most CV companies are very similar. Many use the same (largely standard) methods and draw from the same pools of freelancers.

    We, on the other hand, are exceptionally particular about our CV writers. Please click for more details about our very special team. Additionally, our pioneering methods have been specially developed in-house by our head writer and top CV book author Paul, and are tried and tested to achieve outstanding results in executive job market.

    We are not a typical CV company, and we don’t produce typical standard CVs either.

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    Do you employ lots of writers?

    No - and for very good reason.

    If you (or a company you engage) put your CV in the hands of a freelancer, there is always an unknown element, and you never quite know what you are going to get.

    We are extremely particular about which writers we take on, and only take on the very best - which is one reason why our small team of specialists is just that; small.

    Yes, we could outsource your CV to a freelancer, but that just isn’t us.

    We want you to have the best possible CV, and as far as we are concerned the only way to achieve this is to write it in-house using exceptionally talented writers that we know and trust.

    So whilst we can't offer you a CV in 2-3 hours, as some CV companies seem to do, what we can offer you is a top quality, one-to-one, friendly and highly professional service with the aim of giving you a CV that will stand head and shoulders above those of your competitors.

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    How long does it take?

    If you want anything of quality it does take time, and top quality CV writing is no exception. Additionally, our international reputation is such that we are always in demand, and we always have a waiting list. Usually this is in the region of 2-3 weeks. If you have a job that you would particularly like to target, and the deadline is sooner, then we do have a priority option for a small additional fee. Most priority clients appreciate that quality does take time, and give us around 4-7 working days. We usually find that this is about right.

    If your deadline is sooner please ask us if we can accommodate this before ordering. It is usually possible to work to tighter deadlines if need be, but the more time you give us the better - after all it's your CV, and it is best that we take our time on it. This is especially so since there is a lot more to top quality CV writing than meets the eye, and at this level it does take more time than most people realise.

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    What is the process?

    Once you have ordered (either directly online or via telephone) our consultant will be in touch to ascertain your requirements and let you know what we need to help you achieve your job/career goals. The whole initial process is two-way and is geared up to helping ensure that we are singing from the same hymn sheet and that everything is in place to help you achieve your goals.

    Once requirements/goals/directions etc have been clarified, you can sit back as we get on with the all-important writing process. We will not send you your CV until we are completely happy with it ourselves. Consequently, requests for even minor changes/amendments are very rare. However, if you do feel you need any changes then just let your consultant know and this is something that we can address for you as part of our free after-sales service.

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    How can I contact you?

    You are welcome to contact us via any of the methods on our contact page.

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    Who will answer my query?

    We are not a typical CV company, and your query will not be met with a typical response from a typical sales/admin person. On the contrary, your query will be answered by vastly experienced CV/career sector specialist, and in all probability a respected career sector author.

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    How much do your services cost?

    Prices depend on the exact service you require. Please click here to start.

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    What changes can you make?

    As mentioned, requests for changes are rare, but if you want changes making then this is not a problem and we can make any changes you like as long as they relate to the initial remit. Just let your consultant know and he/she will be happy to help.

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    What about changes for subsequent jobs?

    We regularly help senior managers and executives not just once, but at various times during their journey up the career ladder. Naturally, we do charge for additional work, although at the same time we do discount work for valued returning clients. If you are a returning client then please feel free to contact us with details of the new remit and we will be happy to give you a free, no obligation quotation.

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    Why are your prices higher than some CV companies?

    Our prices are not the cheapest, and we don't pretend that they are. You get what you pay for and if you want anything of real quality, then it does cost.

    At the same time, whilst our prices are not the cheapest, they are by no means the most expensive either, and we are confident that our CVs are the best value executive CV you will get anywhere, at any price.

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    Are your CVs value for money?

    Yes, we believe they are extremely good value for money and are very reasonably priced for the distinct advantages we give senior level clients seeking well-paid jobs in a highly competitive job market.

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    How can you be so sure?

    Because many clients have told us as much, many times over the years. Significantly, many clients also refer to our CVs as ‘investments’ which pay for themselves time and again as they move up the career ladder.

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    Are all professional CVs the same?

    No - quality varies enormously between companies.

    There are various reasons for this including the methods used and the experience and natural writing talent of the consultant.

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    How do your CVs compare?

    We would not offer the strongest guarantee in the CV writing industry if we were not confident that we wrote the best CVs in the business.

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    Is there much difference between your service and a cheaper one?

    Yes, you should notice a difference both in terms of the actual service, and the finished product.

    We appreciate that price is frequently a factor in the decision making process, at the same time most executives understand and appreciate that it can be a false economy to miss out on a better paid job for the sake of potentially “saving” some money on a cheap service.

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    If I do go elsewhere and I miss out on the job can you improve my CV?

    Yes, we regularly help improve CVs that were previously written by other companies. Moreover, if we can’t improve it we will give you your money back. Click for guarantee details.

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    How can I pay?

    We accept credit card, debit card, PayPal and bank wire payments.

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    Do you offer any other writing services?

    Most of our work is for executive CVs. At the same time, we also a lot of clients with cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and also things such as bios and personal statements. We also have a job interview preparation service. Please click here for more details.

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    Do you write CVs for whole board members?

    Yes, sometimes we help the entire members of a board. This can be for a variety of reasons including redundancy packages, or proposals for bids/tenders or loans/investments.

    Whatever your reason, please feel free to contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to advise and help you.

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    I am based overseas, is this a problem?

    It is no problem whatsoever. Whilst most of our clients are based in UK, we regularly help clients from all around the world, and we are used to creating CVs for senior level positions in competitive international job markets.

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    What if I’m not happy?

    We want you to be happy, and you should be happy. Indeed, our whole service is geared up to ensuring that you are. We are committed to quality customer service and CV excellence so in the unlikely event you are not satisfied with part of your CV just let us know which aspect and we will be happy to address this for you as part of our free after-sales service.

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    Can I have a refund?

    Yes, if you change your mind before we start work we are happy to give you a full no quibble refund. Also if you put us to the test with a CV that you previously got from another professional CV service, then in the unlikely event that we can’t improve it we will refund your money in full.

    Additionally, in the unlikely event that you change your mind about our service part of the way through the process we will give you a pro-rata refund depending upon the amount of work already done. No refunds are given once your CV has been written unless it was ordered as part of our ‘put us to the test’ initiative and for some very strange reason we did not improve the aspects we said we would in your 'put us to the test' email.

    What do you mean by 'put us to your test'?

    If for some reason we were unable to make improvements in line with those we had specifically stated in writing up front. As mentioned, if you are unhappy with any aspect of your CV just email your consultant with specific details and we will be happy to address your concerns and make amendments for you as part of our free after-sales service. We want you to be 100% happy and 100% satisfied.

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    Are you a registered company?

    Yes, we are registered at Companies House. Registration number 04343365.

    If I want to offset your charges against tax can you provide a VAT invoice?


    What sectors do you cater for?

    We have vast extensive experience helping senior level clients across all sectors.

    Do I get to know who will write my CV?

    Yes. Moreover, if you have a preference you can choose who.

    Who will write my CV?

    One of the top UK CV writers. Click for details of our writers.

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    Do other CV companies disclose who writes their CVs?

    Some do, others don’t.

    Why not?

    It’s a very good question, but you would need to ask them.

    Can I see an example CV?

    Certainly, please click here.

    Do other companies display examples?

    Some do, others don’t.

    Why not?

    It’s a very good question, but you would need to ask them.

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