Guarantee Explanation

Curriculum vitae writing is a subject that is open to debate, and all CVs are subjective to some degree. So not everyone agrees on everything, and opinions are bound to differ on certain aspects such as how a CV looks. However, at the same time there are some commonly agreed aspects of CV writing that are easier to judge. Rather than hide behind vague terms, we are more than happy to guarantee improvements to your CV on these more tangible lines.

For example, when people send us CVs from other CV companies to improve they tend to be flawed on numerous fronts. Most commonly they are too long, too cluttered, not enticing to read, not optimised for the target job, don’t sell the client enough, and more besides…

Each job we do is different, and depending on which CV company you used originally, we would expect different issues/areas for improvement. Without actually seeing your CV is impossible to say exactly how we would improve it. However, if you send us your CV that was written by another company we can tell you in advance how we will improve it, and we will be able to explain this in tangible terms. For example, if it is too long, too cluttered and not optimised for the job then we can not only indicate that will make these improvements for you in advance, but once you receive your CV you should be able to see that it is a better length, less cluttered and more optimised. Essentially, we are 100% confident that we do what we say we will do, and we are so confident about this is that it for some strange reason we can’t improve your original professional CV on the lines we mention when you ask us then we will give you your money back!

No other executive CV company can (or does) offer you this assurance of quality and customer satisfaction.

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