We touch upon certain aspects of our USP elsewhere on this website, but to elaborate further…

If you go to any other executive CV company your e-mail or telephone query will generally be met with a response from a sales/admin person, and if you choose to buy into their sales pitch you will end up with a CV that will, in all likelihood, be written by a freelancer using standard, dated and flawed CV writing methods.

With us, and the other hand, your query is likely to be met by not a sales/admin person, but a real industry expert with vast career sector expertise, and the real in-depth knowledge of top-quality executive CV writing. We won’t bamboozle you with sales gimmicks or spout any suspect statistics. On the contrary, we will simply answer your questions honestly, clearly and transparently.

Following this, if you do decide that you would like our help, then your CV will be written by a genuine CV writing expert who will use the latest, most radical CV writing techniques which are tried and tested when it comes to helping achieve outstanding results in the competitive executive job market.

Anything else?

There are various other differences between us and other executive CV writing companies too, and if you browse the rest of our website, and click on the links, you will discover these. However, for the time being we have highlighted just one other (very significant) difference for you below.

Our very special guarantee

If you go to any other professional executive CV service and buy a CV, then if you send it to us we actually guarantee that we can improve it for you (and even say just how in advance). Moreover, we are so confident that we can improve any other professional CV, that we will give you your money back in the extremely unlikely event that if we can’t.

That’s what we do.

Do other executive CV companies offer the same guarantee?

No they don’t – and we will leave it to you to have a think about just why not!

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