Price differences

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Paul does charge more than Natalie and Sylvia. This has nothing to do with writing ability or methods, because all three of our writers are top UK CV writers. Consequently, your CV will be top quality whichever consultant you choose. It’s just that partly due to his popular/groundbreaking CV book, and his long-standing international reputation Paul is very much in demand for his services, and charges more. Even so, we firmly believe that our CVs are fantastic investments, and great value for money whichever consultant you choose.

Will there be any difference?

While it is true that no writer writes the same, and there are infinite permutations, all three of our writers are vastly experienced, and all use the same, high impact CV writing methods. Consequently, whilst you would probably end up with a slightly different CV depending upon the consultant, no matter which writer you choose you would still end up with a CV that was handcrafted using the same raw material, using the same pioneering techniques, and meticulously optimised the same way to your target job. On the surface it would look similar, and importantly, when it comes to helping you land good executive jobs, it should still have the same desired effect.

Would be different if anyone else wrote it?

Now this is a completely different kettle of fish. In which case, yes it would be very different.

The way we write CVs is different to other companies. Our methods are based on sales and marketing principles which effectively mean that we say more in fewer words than other writers – giving you a more powerful, higher-impact job-winning document. As you can imagine this not only involves mastering new, radical CV writing techniques, but in addition to that it also takes more time, thought and ultimately talent.

It would be commercial suicide for us to guarantee to rewrite CVs written by any other company free of charge if we were not 100% certain of being able to improve them each and every time.

And it’s no coincidence we can do this – it’s all down to our very special writers.

Make no mistake, not every CV writer is the same, and the very best writers can make a dramatic difference to your CV and are seriously boost your job prospects. The same can’t really be said for all writers.

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