Monthly Archives: March 2016

More Companies Using Creative Job Titles

As recruiters face more and more competition when it comes to hiring the best candidates, companies are resorting to desperate, and sometimes very interesting, measures to attract the...
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Tesco to donate all unsold food

In 2013, the BBC reported that Tesco claimed to have generated up to 30,000 tonnes of food waste in the first six months of that year alone. 41%...
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Big Companies Hire Through Mobile App

A University of York graduate has created an innovative new mobile app which allows employers to contact students and offer them jobs. The free app, called Debut, was...
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Office Spaces Affect Productivity Levels

The Guardian recently published an article exploring the idea that better office spaces have the potential to increase productivity and make employees happier. It is based on research...
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Is the Cover Letter Dead?

After a survey conducted by recruitment platform, Jobvite, claimed that almost two-thirds of recruiters do not consider cover letters to be an important element when reviewing job applications,...
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