Monthly Archives: February 2016

CV Review

I have written many career sector articles over the years, but not one giving an objective view about CV review services – until now that is. Last week...
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Why Interviewing the Interviewer ?

It can be difficult to predict what an interviewer will ask at interview, but there is one question that can always be anticipated: “So, do you have any...
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The Benefits of Job Hopping

Flitting from job to job, also known as job hopping, is traditionally said to be damaging for one’s CV and career opportunities. It suggests a number of possible...
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Twitter Diversity Row

At the end of December, Twitter introduced its new Vice-President of Diversity and Inclusion to the world. Jeffrey Siminoff, who replaced Janet Van Huysse, found himself right at...
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Toxic Workers

Harvard Business School has produced a paper arguing that avoiding ‘bad’ workers can be more advantageous for companies than hiring ‘good’ ones. By conducting research across 11 firms...
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Name-Blind Recruitment

The Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex has conducted a study exposing discrimination in British recruitment patterns. British ethnic minority graduates are 5%...
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