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I have written many career sector articles over the years, but not one giving an objective view about CV review services – until now that is.

Last week I thought I would add my first contribution to LinkedIn Pulse, and submitted the aforementioned article. Please feel free to click here to view it.

Whilst I tend not to do CV reviews myself (I’m usually too busy actually writing CVs!), it is still a subject I know a lot about. We have offered CV appraisals for years, clients send us details of appraisals they have had elsewhere, and we regularly receive feedback from clients about what they think about CV reviews that they have received.

Just as with most things there are good, bad and average reviews, and the quality and incisiveness of the advice varies considerably from place to place and reviewer to reviewer. Interestingly, not all companies have the same morals/ethics when it comes to appraisals, and some companies resort to heavy-handed sales tactics or suspect statistics to try to drum up business, whereas the better companies tend to offer more worthwhile advice without pushing or trying to obligate the candidate in any way.

If you have never had a CV appraisal before, or you have had one but would like to find a bit more about the whys and wherefores involved then you may find the article interesting.

Please also feel free to find out more about (and try out) our very own free CV review service that is managed by Peter. Click for more details.

Please also feel free to provide comments and share.

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Paul is author of the pioneering CV book 'The One Page CV' and is a leading authority on CVs. Executive clients come to him from all around the world for help with their curriculum vitae, and he is very much in demand.

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