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Working out how your boss thinks

Have you – of course you have, we all have – missed a promotion, been 1 of 95 applicants and reminded you’re dispensable, seen a company you believe...
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What is Corporate Strategic Planning?

This is something I pondered, based on research, on businesses’ success or failure. It presents nothing more than a piece to ponder – the broad-brush approach which, I...
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Should your past hold you back?

How often do you feel you’ve been passed over for promotion because someone thinks your earlier performance wasn’t great; or been promoted, perhaps, you feel, too early, based...
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Staying focused working from home

In 2016, Dan Zimmerman, in, notes that “Freelance writing is an ideal job for those who likes writing and prefer having flexibility. However, this is not a...
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Discovering the near-perfect CV

Recruiters express frustration these days about talent hunts at all levels. I hear and read it all the time: “We’re putting tremendous energy into finding the right CVs....
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