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Nigel Benson is a professional career sector specialist with over 12 years' experience writing executive level CVs and expertise in recruitment, job interviews and training.

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Copywriting and CVs – Partners?

As a CV writer who’s been doing it for 106 years, and with a significant amount of copy experience – largely driven initially by working for clients in...
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Staying focused working from home

In 2016, Dan Zimmerman, in http://www.shoutability.com/top-10-challenges-faced-by-a-freelance-writer, notes that “Freelance writing is an ideal job for those who likes writing and prefer having flexibility. However, this is not a...
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Discovering the near-perfect CV

Recruiters express frustration these days about talent hunts at all levels. I hear and read it all the time: “We’re putting tremendous energy into finding the right CVs....
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