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There is a lot more to top quality CV writing than most people realise, and certainly far more goes into our work than most people would expect. Notably, it isn’t just all about CVs either! As surprising as this may sound, the main focus of our work isn’t just about improving your CV. Of course, that is a central part of it, but ultimately we want your job applications to be successful, and there is more to successful job applications than meets the eye, and it isn’t just a matter of improving your original CV.

You are different; you have your own individual background, circumstances, ambitions, goals and job/career targets. In addition to this your original CV is unique to you and the best job application solution for you will be specific for you. Consequently, to give you, the individual, the best results, we do take a flexible approach and consider each case separately and work with each client on an individual basis; tailoring and optimising your CV to best suit your own requirements.

Some clients come to us with specific requests such as adding additional jobs to their curriculum vitae, as well as bringing certain sections up-to-date etc. And yes, we can do that, and we regularly do such things. However, as mentioned, giving you the best chance of success in the competitive executive job market isn’t just about improving your CV, it’s also about helping you gain competitive advantage for the highly paid jobs that you are targeting. Remember, executive level is the most competitive of all, and achieving results at this level is far easier said than done, and there are many considerations at play.

As such, we thought it would be helpful to include a few case studies on our website to give you an indication of some of these considerations, as well as some of the logic and rationale which goes in to our work.

As we are always in demand, and we are always very busy writing for clients, we don’t usually have much spare time to write anything else – including content for our website. As such, it is very unlikely that this section is ever going to include anything but just a few select case studies. However, if you are interested in our services you may find it useful to read some of these case studies as it will give you an indication of the thought and reasoning that goes into our work. As you will note, the way we work is not haphazard. On the contrary, everything we do we do for a reason, and this is the result of many years experience writing top quality CVs at the highest level – helping executive clients like you worldwide.

Case Study-IT Contractor

Case Study-Executive Banker

Case Study-COO

Case Study-CEO Position

Case Study-HR Director

Executive level charity sector case study

Case study – overseas commercial manager

Case study –Applications through a contact network

Case study –Extremely long executive CV

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